At its final event, held in Brussels on January 31, 2019, the PROGRESSIVE project brought together a wide range of stakeholders to look at how older people can get more involved in the world of standardisation, so that standards that are being developed better address their needs and perspectives.

Eleven high-level experts on Active and Healthy Ageing and on standardisation facilitated the discussion with the audience members on age-friendly communities as enablers of Active and Healthy Ageing; on inclusiveness in standardisation, taking accessibility and usability as a use case; and on age-friendly smart homes as a tool for independent living.

The core of this meeting was the plenary debate on the STAIR-AHA statement, grounded in the findings, discussions and conclusions of two meetings. These were the 31st October 2018 first STAIR-AHA platform meeting, “A new approach to AHA standards engaging end-users”, and the 19th October 2017 workshop “Making ICT Standards Fit for Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe”.

A full report of the meeting (incl. links to presentations) can be found here.