ETSI is releasing this Call for Expertise (CfE) to select Companies or Organizations (hereinafter referred as “applicants”) to perform the tasks assigned to Specialist Task Force (STF) DS, as defined in the Terms of Reference (ToR) of Annex A.

The goal of this CfE is to receive proposals from applicants having the necessary competence to perform all or part of the tasks described in the STF ToR and agree with them on the most efficient approach to achieve the objective defined therein.

Applicants must provide the information requested, according to the structure outlined in Annex B. This includes the overview of the expertise and competences that can be provided, the proposed methodology for the execution of the tasks, the availability to share the work with other applicants and detailed pricing information. The Terms and Conditions to submit proposals are provided in Annex C.

The complete file (and annexes if any) of this Collective Letter can be downloaded at the following location:

Proposals must be submitted before 14 November 2019.

Non-ETSI Members are entitled to answer this CfE, with the support of an ETSI Member (including Observers and Associate members). In this case, the proposal must be submitted by the Official Contact of the ETSI Member. As soon as possible after the deadline, the Reference Body Officials and the ETSI Secretariat will draw up a short list of potentially suitable applications. The representatives of the pre-selected applicants will be invited to present and discuss their proposal with ETSI.

A meeting to discuss and finalize the proposals has been provisionally scheduled on 11 December 2019. After this meeting, ETSI will make the final decision on the assignment of the contracts.

For further information please contact UNINFO at: