E' stato istituito lo SWG JETI - JTC 1 Group on Emerging Technologies and Innovations

Pubblicato: mercoledì, 28 novembre 2018 in Focus

ISO/IEC JTC 1 ha creato lo Special Working Group JETI - JTC 1 Group on Emerging Technologies and Innovations.

Il Terms of Reference del gruppo è il seguente:

1. Assess the opportunities for addressing evolving ICT business needs;
2. Assess the technology opportunities to identify the relevant standardization issues and priorities that warrant immediate action and those that should be watched for potential consideration later by JTC 1;
3. Emphasize reaching out and incorporating input from stakeholders outside of JTC 1, such as verticals (e.g., financial services, health care);
4. Monitor the future considerations from JTC 1 SCs/WGs (e.g., through their business plans, dashboards, and/or other alternative information sources) to perform successful execution of standards development and planning with an appropriate coordination in JTC 1;
5. Make recommendations on actions to JTC 1;
6. Review and make suggestions to revise SD 4, Planning, as appropriate.

Gli esperti interessati a partecipare a tale attività sono invitati ad inviare una comunicazione all’indirizzo salsano@uninfo.it